How to unban someone in Minecraft


Sometimes you may fall in problem and inconvenience with someone playing in the same game. Sometimes it may also be necessary to ban a player to enjoy gaming in very comfortable environment. The solution is to ban that player in the Minecraft game. You may ban the Minecraft game just by a single click. Sometimes you my also end up banning mistakenly. This may cause the problem and you may also want to unban. Here we are providing you with a whole step-by-step process to unban someone in Minecraft. Go through every step, word by word, carefully.
In a Glance
Unbanning a player in Minecraft game is quite easy process. While playing the game, pause for a second, and you’ll see all the list of players in the right side of the map. Select the gamer tag of that player, and a popup will open. Click on the unban button there to unban. In PC, You can also give certain commands in order to unblock someone. Command via PC should be given as “/pardon GamerTag123”. For example, “/pardon Ron123”.


How to unban someone in Minecraft

Here is the perfect step-by-step direction to unblock someone in the Minecraft game:


1. Open the Minecraft game on your desired device.
2. Pause the game for a few seconds, A list of all players will become visible in the right side of the game map.
3. Select the gamer tag from the list and click on it. A new popup type window will appear.
4. Now, look for the unban option at the bottom of the popup.
5. Click on the unban button to unban the chosen player.
6. Congratulations! You have unbanned the chosen player.
To Give command by the keyboard.

1. Open Minecraft game in the PC or Laptop.
2. Now type “/pardon GamertTag”. Here replace gamertag with the players Gamer Tag name or sometimes also called Username.
3. Hit enter, and voila, the player is now unbanned.
Banning or blocking someone in Minecraft can help with problems associated with a problematic player. Whatever the situation, players must know how to block, unblock, ban and unban someone in Minecraft.

People Also Ask

Q1. Why do I need to ban someone in the Minecraft game?

Ans: There are various reasons, and all of that depends upon you. Players may not cooperate or harm the environment, or you may also do not like them. Banning and unbanning are totally upon you and in your control.

Q2. Can I unban someone without pausing the game?

Yes, You need to give the command “/pardon GamerTag123”, Where replace GamerTag with tag of the player whom you want to unban. To do this, you need a PC.


Options to ban and unban someone in Minecraft game is of great freedom and maintain a safe environment in the user Minecraft world. You need to move your finger and click on a few options, and voila, you’re done. You need to use this tool wisely and when you need it.

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