How to Make Green DYE in Minecraft


When you need to color your world in Minecraft world, there are different options to do so. In Minecraft, there are 16 different dyes available in Minecraft and Green is one of them. Colors can be made from different raw materials like flowers, leaves, bone meal, or even by combining two different colors. While making dye is a bit tricky, it is worth making it because it’ll beautify your world in Minecraft.


Where to find Green Dye in Creative Mode

To find Green dye we have to go to in desert village house chest.


Required Materials to make Green Dye:

To make Green dye We need only “Cactus”

Here we are guiding you through step-by-step directions to make green color dye. You need to follow the exact steps to achieve green dye. Here is the list of Raw materials you need. If you don’t have any of them, follow the direction to obtain them.

Raw material: (either one of the following)

1. Cactus

2. Furnace

3. Coal or any other fuel type for the furnace (wood, lava, etc.)

You also need to have access to the furnace

If you don’t have these raw materials, first you need to get them. Here is a simple guide to finding all the raw materials needed to make green dye in Minecraft.

Cactus: To get your hands cactus, make a desert biome or plain biomes tour. Desert biome has very likelihood of finding cactus. Cactus is naturally found in these biomes and can be broken by hand. Ice igloo basements do also have cactus, but they are rare. It is better to look in the desert until you find them. Once you find them, make sure you hit them on the bottom block of the cactus. Hitting on the top block of the cactus may break and fall into another block, and the cactus will be destroyed.

You can also collect some sand from here and plant cactus in them near to your home for ease in making green dye anytime you like.

Coal: Coal is one of the readily and common sources of fuel in Minecraft game. It is available in caves ravings deep inside the ground. To get your hands on coal, look for it because typically, it is easy to find. You’ll run into one without even noticing it. However, if you wish to get hands-on a huge quantity of coal at once, dig deep inside the ground using a pickaxe and once you see coal, mine it and collect. Here you’ll have coal ore. Break ore, and you’ll get coal. It is simply break and drop.

How to Make Green DYE in Minecraft

To make a green dye in the Minecraft game:

  1. Open Minecraft on your device and then open the furnace.
  2. Place cactus in the very top cell of the furnace and coal or other type of fuel like wood, lava in the bottom cell of Minecraft and begin cooking your cactus.
  3. Wait for a few seconds while the arrow fills up and once the process is completed. You’ll see a green dye in the right side of the furnace.
  4. Drag the dye to your Minecraft game inventory situated below.

Congratulation! You have successfully got your first green dye in the Minecraft game.

1. Open the Minecraft game on your desired device.

2. Now, open desired Minecraft world in which you want to make green dye.

3. Now tap on icons to open Furnace (Make a furnace if you don’t have).

4. Place one piece of cactus you collected from the desert in the very top cell of the furnace and place fuel of your choice or availability (coal, wood, lava, etc.) and wait for the process to complete. It’ll take a few seconds to process; an arrow at the right side will fill up completely after processing.

5. Congratulations! Now you got your green dye, drag it to inventory below, and whoa, you’re ready to use it.

Uses of Green dye in Minecraft Game

In Minecraft, you can use green dye to Color may objects and give them a brighter look. You can color, Wool, Wolf collars, leather armours, clay, glass, and sheep with it. When you want to dye, just choose any color you like for the dye portion of the recipe required.

In Minecraft game, there is two ways to color an object. You can either apply Color or dye directly using a dye while being placed in the Minecraft game world, or using in a crafting table. Animals such as sheep can be dyed while they are alive, and shearing their wool will produce the corresponding Color of the dye. In case, if you like to dye or color a piece of wool from your inventory, Color can be applied in the crafting table in case.

People Also Ask

Q1. What materials can be turned into green dye?

Ans: Only cactus can be turned into the green dye in the Minecraft game. Just follow the given process to make green dye in Minecraft.

Q2. What objects can be colored with green dye?

Ans: Wool, Wolf collars, leather armors, clay, glass, and sheep can be colored or dyed with green dye.

Q3. Can we remove dye from an object?

Ans: No, in the Minecraft game, you cannot remove dye from object one applied. However, you can recolor with different dye. Just follow the same process of coloring the object, and the object color will be changed.


Hey, congratulations to you! You have made green dye successfully, and you know all the processes behind it. Now you can color your world and make it more shiner, brighter and beautiful. You can make a lot of stuff from it like letter banners, glass, and other things. In the Minecraft game, colors give you wings and freedom. Always make sure you have enough raw items and the correct process to make green dye. Error in process during crafting or furnace can end up processing another thing.

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