How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft ?


Turtles in the Minecraft game have the ability to walk on land and swim in the water. They travel slowly on land but can swim quickly in the sea. They move around aimlessly like other passive animals and run away when threatened. They also don’t damage your bulking or other items. When they are on land, they try to reach the nearest water source with direct sky access. They tends to swim in circles if you place water in an enclosed watery area. A player itself builds such enclosures and rarely goes to land. These adorable creatures will be waiting for you at the base when you come back from a long day of exploration. To breed turtles in the Minecraft game, feed each turtle sea grass until a few red hearts are visible on top of them. After the breeding process is over, a tortoise will begin digging in the Sand and lay eggs.


In a Glance
To breed turtles in Minecraft, find two turtles close to each other. Feed each of the turtle’s seagrasses until the heart begins to appear on top of them, indicating their ability to mate. Then one of the turtles lays eggs which will produce baby turtles. Here we provide you step-by-step directions and procedures to breed your own turtle in the Minecraft game. Go through one by one and follow these steps accurately to breed turtles.


Required Material to Breed Turtles in Minecraft ?

You need some items before you begin breeding.
1. Two Turtles
2. An enclosed area
3. Two sea grass

You can find a fully grown parent turtle on the beach. To find, walk along beach or just dive in the sea and look for them. Remember that you can’t pick up the turtle, so you need to Sand around those two turtles in order to move them to your place.
To find seagrass, Dive directly into the sea and look for them. Use shearing tools to cut them and carry them. You need at least two pieces of sea grass but collect more to use it further or needed just in case
Build an enclosed area around those two turtles using any building blocks you have. This will ensure that your turtles are near to each other to make love and produce eggs.

How to Breed Turtles:

Here are the steps to breed turtles, Follow step by step:

1. Open Minecraft game in your desired device.
2. Find two fully grown parent turtles and place them in an enclosed area, make sure they are close to each other and the bed is made of Sand.
3. Feed them sea grass using hot-bar, one seagrass to each.
4. As soon as they eat, red hearts will start to appear above them. One the love-making process completes, the heart will disappear.
5. Wait and see for one turtle to dig in Sand to lay eggs. This may take a while as turtles dig for few second and stop,
6. Now wait for hatch. One hatched, they may produce one to four turtles at a time. Turtles hatch them only during the night and can be damaged by other animals, so you also need to protect them.
7. Now you have baby turtles, feed them grass to speed up their grow by 10% for each sea grass. Feeding sea grass also increases its size and strength.

People Also Ask

Q1. Do turtles die without water in Minecraft?

Ans: No, Turtle do need water, and they live in water, but they can also survive without water. You need to feed the sea grass from time to time. If you ought to breed them, It’s better to breed them on beach.

Q2. Can I breed turtles anywhere in Minecraft?

Ans: No, in order to breed turtles, you need their own biome which is beach with sea sand. You can make a home like structure with sea sand nearby to breed them.

Q3. How to know if a turtle is pregnant in a Minecraft game?

Ans: Pregnant turtles are generally larger than others and once pregnant, they start digging in Sand to lay eggs.

Q4. Do I need to protect baby turtles in Minecraft?

Ans: yes, you need to protect your baby turtles from other scavenging animals. Protect them by placing them in enclosed fenced area. Fence them up to two blocks because foxes can jump over one block.


Congratulation! You have successfully raised turtles. Baby turtles release scutes that you can use to make a turtle shell for underwater breathing. In addition, you can create a potion that gives you flexibility. The best part is that you don’t get scooted by killing turtles; They are dropped as the little ones grow up.

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