How To Make Blue Dye in Minecraft?


When you need to color your world in Minecraft world, there are different options to do so. In Minecraft, there are 16 different dyes available in Minecraft and Blue is one of them. Colors can be made from different raw materials like flowers, leaves, bone meal, or even combining different colors. While making dye is a bit tricky, it is worth making it because it’ll beautify your world in Minecraft.
Here we are guiding you through step-by-step directions to make Blue color dye. You need to follow the exact steps to achieve blue dye. Here is the list of Raw materials you need. If you don’t have any of them, follow the direction to obtain them.


Required Raw Material to Make Brown DYE in Minecraft ?

(either one of the following)
1. Corn flowers
2. Lapis Lazuli


To get Corn flowers, go search for flower forest or plain biome in the game, then look out for cornflowers. Corn flowers have blue petals, look like lotus, and long green steam. They are found in groups can also be obtained by giving bonemeal in any given biome.
Dig deep inside the ground and mine to get your hands on Lapis Lazuli in the Minecraft game. They are usually found in ore form, and you need to break them into bits using an iron or diamond pickaxe. Then you need to click the right button of your mouse and drag it in your inventory. Further, you need to place the collected Lapis Lazuli ore in the furnace and melt it down to obtain pure Lapis Lazuli. To convert it into pure Lapis Lazuli, Open a furnace, place ore into the top cell, and then any fuel, coal, wood, or even lava in the bottom cell to melt it down. Now drag melted Lapis Lazuli to your inventory.

Steps To make Blue dye:

To make a blue dye in the Minecraft game, Open Minecraft on your device and then open a crafting table made of three into three grids. Place a Lapis Lazuli in the very first cell of the grid. This will create a blue dye. Similarly, players can make blue dye by placing cornflowers in the very first cell of the grid. Here is step by stem individual guideline to make blue dye on your own in Minecraft.

      1. 1. Open the Minecraft game app on your desired device.
      1. 2. Now, open your world where you want to make blue dye.
      1. 3. Now tap on icons to open the crafting table with a 3×3 grid.
      1. 4. Place one piece of corn flowers or one piece of lapis lazuli in the very first cell of the crafting grid and wait for the process to complete. It’ll take a few seconds to complete.
      1. 5. Now you have got your first blue dye in the Minecraft game, drag it to inventory below, and whoa, you’re ready to use it.

Uses of Blue dye in Minecraft game.

In Minecraft, you can use a blue dye to color may objects and give them a brighter look. You can color Wool, Wolf collars, leather armors, clay, glass, and sheep. When you want to dye, choose any color you like for the dye portion of the recipe required.
Currently, there are two ways to color an item in the Minecraft game. You can either apply the color directly using a dye while placed in the Minecraft game world or use it in a crafting table. Animals such as sheep can be dyed while they are alive, and shearing their wool will produce the corresponding color of the dye. However, if you want to color a piece of wool from your inventory, color can be applied in the crafting grid.

People Also Ask

Q1. What materials can be turned into blue dye?

Ans: In Minecraft game, Lapis Lazuli and or corn flower, usually found in flower forest biome or plain biome, can be turned into the blue dye.

Q2. What objects can be colored with blue dye?

Ans: In Minecraft game – Wool, Wolf collars, leather armors, clay, glass, and sheep can be colored or dyed with blue dye.

Q3. Can we remove dye from an object?

Ans: No, in the Minecraft game, you cannot remove dye from object one applied. However, you can recolor with a different dye. You need to follow the recipe to color them.

Q4. Can we buy Lapis Lazuli in exchange for emeralds from villagers?

Ans: Yes, In the Minecraft game, you can obtain or buy Lapis Lazuli from villagers for one emerald.



Hey, congratulations to you! You have made blue dye successfully, and you know all the processes behind it. Now you can color your world and make it more shiner, brighter and beautiful. You can make a lot of stuff from it like letter banners, glass, and other things. In the Minecraft game, colors give you wings and freedom.

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