How To Tame a llama in Minecraft ?


In the Minecraft game, llamas are one of the strongest animals and will help you carry a huge amount of inventory across the land without complaint. When tired, they only spit a little. While they can’t traditionally be saddled or ridden by cart, they will allow you to drag them around the map while holding all of your heavy items.



Many animals are available in the Minecraft game that can be tamed, but most of them, like parrots and cats, do nothing more than roam around and add a bit of atmosphere to your Minecraft world. Horses can help you move around the globe faster and travel; wolves will protect you. But some llamas will help carry the load of your belongings! To use llamas in Minecraft, you need first to tame them. Taming is not a very big process and time-consuming like others, but it may prove tricky for the first time. Here we guide you through all the necessary steps and directions to tame a llama in the Minecraft game. Read thoroughly and implement the steps one by one correctly.

How to Find a llama in Minecraft ?

Find a llama:┬áLlama is naturally found in savanna or mountain biome in Minecraft game. Go to this location and look for a herd. Once you find the herd, hop on one of the llamas, at first, you may fall, or they may also kick you but keep trying until you get on the llama. Once the llama stops kicking you off from his back, it’s a sign that the llama has been tamed. Remember that you cannot control the llama while you’re riding, so Attack a lead to them for them to follow you.

Steps To Tame a llama in Minecraft ?

Here is the simplified step-by-step direction to tame a llama.

1. Open the Minecraft game on your desired device.

2. Now open the world where you want to have tamed llamas.

3. Look for llamas in the wild like savannas or mountain biomes of Minecraft.

4. Once you find a herd, Hop on one of the llamas. Keep trying if the llama kicks you off until they are comfortable with you on their back.

5. Congratulation! You have successfully tamed the llama.

6. If you want them to follow you, attach a lead to them, and they will eventually start to follow you.

Uses of llamas in Minecraft game

You may not be able to ride a llama, but they have excellent storage capabilities. Lamas can be used to carry varieties of loads and stuff from one place to another. Also, they can be equipped with a chest to create movable storage. How much llamas can carry loads depends on their strength. From one to five, with five being the strongest, but don’t worry, Llamas can breed, potentially increasing their strength.

However, only tamed llamas can be breed, and it also depends upon which version of the Minecraft game you’re playing. Unlike horses that need unique and special items, llamas need a few hay bales to eat. Since strengths range from one to five, the baby llama will have a random strength ranging from the lowest option (one) to the strongest parent strength. There is a 3 percent chance that it has more strength than the parent.

Llamas are very useful for you. Their carrying capacity comes in handy when you can’t find a base or go out and collect resources. Keep a pack of tamed wolves alongside your tamed llamas when moving them from one place to another to protect them and your valuable items from wild creatures.

People Also Ask

Q1. Where can I find llamas in the Minecraft game?

Ans: llamas can be found in savannas and mountain biomes of the Minecraft game. They can be spotted easily as they live in herds.

Q2. What can I feed to the llama in Minecraft?

Ans: Unlike horses, llamas do not need much. You can feed a few hey to them.

Q3. Can I attach a lead to a llama?

Ans: Yes, in the Minecraft game, you can attach a lead to the llama, and it will follow you wherever you go.

Q3. Do llamas follow each other in Minecraft?

Ans; Yes, llamas tend to follow each other, so lead attached to him if you have one tamed llama. Other untamed llamas will also follow you. This provides you with a great option to have many llamas without taming them all. Untamed llamas can also carry loads and goods around in Minecraft.

Q4. Can I shear wool from llamas in the Minecraft game?

Ans: Nope, you cannot shear them to get wool. Even if you kill them, they will drop you leather and any carpet or chest hoped on their back. Llamas do not give you many resources.


Llamas in Minecraft games are of great use and can be tamed like most animals. Llamas can carry your loads and be valuable from one place to another, which is very useful when moving or going to trade. You need a few hey to feed them, which is one of least compared to other animals. They are one of the most loving creatures in the Minecraft game.

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