Minecraft how to drain an ocean monument

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How do you drain an ocean monument with Redstone?

You one at once and then while you’re clearing out the monument you’ll want to stand on the blocks. And use the helmet that way you can instant mine underwater.

How do you drain the ocean in Minecraft?

Sand or Gravel

Sand and gravel are both blocks that are affected by gravity. This means these blocks will fall until they land on a solid block or surface. If players wish to drain an ocean they could potentially drop sand or gravel into the ocean and then dig it up by hand after all the water is gone.

How do you drain an ocean Monument Circle size?

World mark out a large area around it and then completely delete all the water within it just despite those pesky little guardians.

Why do people drain the ocean monument in Minecraft?

There are many reasons to drain the ocean: to build structures surrounded by water, drain out an ocean monument, or simply because it gives users something to do. Admittedly, no matter how easy a method seems, draining an ocean in Minecraft takes some time and dedication.

How do you drain water in Minecraft without a sponge?

A bucket can be crafted from three iron ingots by placing them in a V shape in a crafting table. To remove water using an empty bucket, players need to locate the water source and then right-click on it while holding the bucket in their hand.

How do you get rid of mining fatigue in the ocean monument?

Milk will remove the Mining Fatigue effect, allowing you to mine through the walls of the monument to reach your destination easier. However, do note that this will also negate your beneficial potion effects, and the elder guardians will re-apply Mining Fatigue within 60 seconds.

What is the easiest way to remove water in Minecraft?

First use sponges to soak up the water start with a row of sponges at the top of the area first and as the water lowers target the source. Water.

What is the fastest way to clear water in Minecraft?

The easiest way and in my opinion the best way that i have found to use the sponge is like this you float up and you place a sponge below you so you fall on the sponge.

How do you drain an area in Minecraft?

Get access to the area you want to clear so that you can stand above the surface of the water and fill it with gravel. This isn’t difficult because every time you lay a block on the surface, it sinks until that column is full. Repeat this for every block’s worth of water you want to remove.

How do you drain water from bedrock in Minecraft?

To remove water, players need to use the ‘/fill’ command. ‘/fill’ is a beneficial command using which players can replace blocks or fill areas with whatever blocks they desire. To remove water, players need two sets of coordinates (X, Y, and Z).

How many elder guardians are in an ocean monument?

Ocean monuments always contain three elder guardians – one at the top and one in each wing.

What is the fastest way to drain an ocean monument?

After defeating the three Elder Guardian mobs in the ocean monument, players can find a sponge room. This room will contain loads of wet sponges, which a player can obtain by breaking them. This block is an essential tool to drain the whole ocean monument.

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