How to tame a cat?


In Minecraft Game, Cats are one of the most loving animals. They can be found in their wild form, known as ocelots, in the jungle biome and can be tamed by feeding them raw fish. The transformation of an ocelot or Wild cat to a pet cat is far more noticeable than that of a wolf. While the wolf only gets a red collar, the cat changes color from vibrant yellow with dark black stripes to one: shining orange tabby with lustrous green eyes (Most typical), a tuxedo with green eyes, or a grey cat with green eyes. Black eyes or Siamese with calming blue eyes with bright white cat. The tamed cat also gets a little bit smaller.


In Minecraft, Cats are very protective and add security to your buildings by scaring away creepers, which helps a lot to get along. As dogs don’t attack creepers around them, cats compensate for this weakness and scare them away. Cats do not get injured or harmed during falls from hights as they always land on their feet. These are enough reasons to get yourself a pet cat in Minecraft. To have a pet cat, you need to tame them. Here we provide you with all the necessary steps and directions to tame a cat. Just follow the steps and direction one by one, and you’ll have a lovely tamed pet cat.
In a Glance
First, you need to find a cat. Look in the wilds and jungle or the village to find a cat. There were only 10 maximum cats available in the village at a time. If you have got a cat, feed them raw fish and wait until a few red hearts appear over them and a collar in the cat’s neck. Congratulations, you have successfully tamed a cat. You may need to feed a few times more.


Steps to tame a cat in Minecraft ?

1. Open the Minecraft game on your desired device.
2. Open your world, and look for cats (Wild cats).
3. Get some raw fishes. Like cod or salmon etc.
4. Feed the fish to the cat
5. Now feed until there are few hearts above them and you see a collar in the cats neck.
6. Congratulation! You have successfully tamed your cat.
Remember that fish should be raw to feed to cats.

The behavior of a tamed cat in Minecraft

A tame cat tends to attack rabbits and baby turtles if they are nearby enough. They are immune to fall damage but will still find a way to avoid falling off rocks. Stray cats will run away from the players if they move too fast or attack the cat. You can also attach a lead leash to keep the cat from going too far from you.
The player can right-click on the pet cat to order it to sit. This will prevent teleporting and prevent the cat from moving. Pet cats love to sit on things. Like real-life cats, they will sit on chests, in active furnaces, and at the beds. Like domesticated wolves, a non-sitting cat will teleport to its owners if they are twelve blocks away.
Creeps and phantoms will prevent the cat from entering a six-block radius. This can be useful for players trying to stop the mob from attacking them.


People Also Ask

Q1. How many raw fish do I need to tame a cat in Minecraft?

Ans: The amount of the raw fish to tame a cat in the Minecraft game varies from few to twenty. This is due to the species and variety of cat available in Minecraft. It is advisable to keep stock of twenty raw fishes before taming a cat.

Q2. Which cat is rarest in the Minecraft game?

Ans: Black and Grey’s cats are the rarest of all cats available in Minecraft. If you get one, Thank your destiny, You’re lucky.

Q3. What does a cat eat in Minecraft?

Ans: Cats in Minecraft eats raw salmon and raw codfishes. They love to eat a lot of fishes so always keep some fishes in stock.

Q4. Does cat teleport themselves in Minecraft?

Ans: Yes, In the Minecraft game, cats teleport themselves if they are 12 blocks away from the player. If you do not want them to teleport, simply right-click on them, and they will sit at a place.



Congratulations! Now have got a tamed cat which is your pet cat. Once you have successfully tamed a cat, it will follow you. Even if you lose track of your cat, they can teleport back to you within 12 blocks of range from you. Tamed cats do not stand still for long and move around the player until the player gives them the command to sit by clicking the right button on them. There is a possibility that a pet cat will sleep with them as a player will sleep through the night. There is a possibility that a pet cat will have a gift such as a string, raw chicken, a rabbit’s foot, and other things when they wake up. They will also scare away any creeper from twenty blocks away and kill any rabbit and baby turtle if they see and close enough. Feed the cat with raw fish and chicken.

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