How to Make Paintings in Minecraft ?


There are lots of decorative blocks in the Minecraft game. Some of them can take five of your building a charming and soothing look, while some will give you an aesthetic look like pots, plants, glazed-clay terracotta. Painting is one of them.



Paintings are beautiful art blocks in Minecraft game that hang on the walls to beautify your walls and conceal secret rooms. You can place your art on a wall, and Minecraft will automatically place the painting and then check for the largest amount of space it has. You can use the drop-and-pick method to generate numerous types of paintings. A total of 26 paintings are available in Minecraft with many different sizes, from the smallest one of 16×16 pixels to the largest of 64×64 pixels.
Making paintings in Minecraft is the easiest thing. You need a few items to get your hand on it. Here is the list of all the items you’ll need to make your painting.

Required Material to Make Paintings in Minecraft ?

Raw materials you’ll Need:
1. Eight pieces of wooden sticks
2. One piece of wool (of any color of your choice)

To get wooden sticks, Place 2 pieces of wooden planks in the crafting grid, and you’ll get wooden sticks. While for wool, shear a sheep or kill. Shearing sheep is good, as they can regrow wool by consuming grasses.
Once you have these items, you can start making your painting by following the steps below. Note that you need to apply these steps in Minecraft, as is shown here. Otherwise you may not get desired results.

Steps to Make Paintings in Minecraft:

  1. Open the Minecraft game on your desired device.
  2. Now open the crafting table.
  3. Place the wool in center cell of the crafting cell. You can use the color of your choice.
  4. Now, place the wooden sticks in the rest of 8 cell, one by one.
  5. Wait for the arrow to fill; once filled, you’ll get a painting.

Use of Painting in Minecraft :

Now as you have get painting, you can hang it on a wall to make it beautiful or conceal secret rooms. To hang painting on wall, hold your painting and place on any vertical wall. To change type of painting, use the drop-and-pick method and you’ll get random paintings. Note that the painting place in facing the north-south direction is brighter than the east-west.

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People Also Ask

Q1. Which is the biggest painting of Minecraft?

The biggest painting of Minecraft is Burning skull, Pigs scene and Pointer. These three paintings are 4X4 block in size, 64×64 pixel.

Q2. Which is the smallest painting in Minecraft?

Ans: The smallest painting in Minecraft is Aztec, Alban, Aztec 2, Bomb, Plant, etc. These all are 1×1 blocks in size which are 16×16 pixels.

Q3. How do you make a secret door with a painting?

Ans: Making a secret door with a painting is very simple. You just need to use a sign on the side of the block. These signs will act as block to create painting and these painting will create a secret door, which you can use to walk through without breaking it.

Q4. How to add a customized painting in Minecraft?

Ans: If you have a resource pack, open the Minecraft game on desktop visit art folder. Here you can change the texture or even upload your own photo to use it as painting.

Q5. What are Minecraft paintings?

Ans: Mostly Minecraft paintings are based on real-life, created and inspired by famous artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand. Some of them are also inspired by other games such as Call of Duty (COD).

Q5. How to change paintings in Minecraft?

Ans: Hold and place down the painting. Use the drop-and-pick method till you get desired painting.


Paintings in Minecraft is a very decorative, actual life-based art block that can beautify walls of castles and homes. It even can be used to create museums or art gallery. It can also be used to conceal secret rooms and passageways. There is the total of 26 art paintings with seven different sizes available to choose from, but you can also customize your paintings with your photo just by a mere chance. It would be best if you farmed sheep to get a regular supply of wool, which is one of the few items used in painting crafting in Minecraft.

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